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Time Your Conversions

Do you have a great user-experience on your business website?  One way to tell is to reduce the amount of time it takes for visitors to complete their task.  The faster the better. For example, say you are a lawyer … Continued

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Being Everything to Nobody

Seth Godin is crystal clear: If you want to stand for something, you can’t stand for everything.  Today, it’s impossible to be everything to everybody.  You can’t be the cheapest, fastest, and most customized all at once. Businesses that try … Continued

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What’s Wrong With My SEO?

This the question Paul had for his Marketing 360 marketing consultant Sandy. Paul’s website had been online for two years.  He wanted to target residential painting services in Fort Collins, CO, but he still wasn’t showing up for performing keywords. … Continued

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The Thrills and Stress of Business

There are over 1800 billionaires in the world today.  So here is an interesting question.  Why aren’t more of them young and retired?  Why keep working when you don’t need the money? On the other hand, why do some businesses … Continued

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Is SEO Worth It for My Small Business?

Take a moment and watch Rand Fishkin of Moz talk about creating unique value with content: This is informative, inspiring, and – if you are a small business owner – scary. For many SMBs in common verticals (contractors, service professions, … Continued

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The Top of List

As an SMB business owner, you probably have a pile of stuff on your desk.  And you have a list things you need to do today, many of them left-over from yesterday or last week. This is normal.  It’s the … Continued

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Pricing Isn’t Marketing

If you’re starting a new business, one of the main issues on your mind is pricing.  It is, after all, a major aspect of being competitive.  You can’t sell the same thing for more than your competition and expect to … Continued

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